Application Support and Maintenance Services, delivering innovative strategies
With the ever-changing technology, business environments need constant transformation. For keeping up with the latest tech developments, enterprises should proactively adapt to the changes, keeping up with customer expectations, adding new consumption models, intelligent products and analyzing the digital trends.

PiServe offers a multi-level support and maintenance capability using a Corrective, Preventive, Adaptive and Perfective approach that ranges across various technologies and business domains.

Our Transformation Framework and Methodologies ensure to deliver the agreed service improvements and productivity gains based on the business requirements. This approach spans across the lifecycle of the engagement that focusses on continuous improvement to reduce maintenance overhead.


PiServe focusses on delivering operational, tactical and strategic benefits to gain business values. To achieve business goal, we understand the importance of laying the foundation strong. As a part of the primary plan, we learn and analyze the existing system in an enterprise. Based on these analysis, our support and maintenance team, prepare the required documents that further helps in the smooth running of the process.

Our application management team reviews the operational risks involved via analysis and sets stipulated measures to avoid these estimated risks. The estimated timelines are based on the analysis and the project is all set for implementation.

Our primary focus remains on seamless transition of taking over service delivery responsibility. We offer a strong transition mechanism to replace the current internal team or incumbent vendor smoothly, without affecting delivery mechanisms. PiServe strongly believes that knowledge transfer and creating shadow teams are two key factors that help in the smooth transition of application support and maintenance systems from an existing system to a new one.


PiServe assures to provide improved stability and efficiency of mission-critical applications. Our Flexible Support Models like - 8x5, 12x5, 16X7, 24X7 are designed to meet your business needs, resulting in higher ROI. Our application support and maintenance team provides constant and continuous assistance to deliver the agreed service improvements and help in achieving productivity gains in line with business requirements.

We monitor the resource utilization and work by preparing periodic reports along with monthly reviews with the clients to ensure stability and zero unplanned downtime. With strong Delivery Governance Structure and Performance Management Matrix put in place, our team helps to optimize the processes and implement the required change.