E-Tender Platform
For World's
Retail Chain

A world renowned retail chain, who focus on setting up their on stores on empty lands wanted a system to manage the contracts/procurement during the store construction.

The tender process was not running in an efficient manner which lead to increased construction cost and delayed completion time.


An online system was developed which would handle the e-tender process. PiServe tackled multiple problem areas by

  • Creating process more transparent enough to the hierarchy.
  • Cross check vendor reliability across various projects.
  • Cost comparison across similar projects.
  • Consolidating vendor technologies.
  • Decreasing turnaround time

The system allowed the concerned person from the department to raise a tender which would be available to the registered vendors. The vendors would be checked for their efficiency, reliability, as well as the technology aspects.

  • The construction costs decreased by 17%
  • 473 days of total additional days for store which was achieved by early completion of multiple projects.
  • 8 % of ( unreliable/ inefficient) vendors filtered out.
  • Increased transparency on the entire process.