Leveraging IoT
to Revolutionize
Vehicle Parking
and Booking
The big idea startup came to us with this brilliant idea, they wanted to build a solution that will revolutionize the vehicle parking scene everywhere in the world. The concept was to develop a fully automated product which can be used to book a parking space in every cities for a specific time period or real time. The scope was to design and develop smart vehicle parking sensors and to develop a centralized IoT application to monitor and book a slot.

The biggest challenge of such a product is getting real time status on each parking lot. Without electricity running in most of the lots it has to run on solar power as power supply.

A central application should get the information of which all lots are free and list it for the users. Customer want us to build a device which can tackle all these problems.


We developed a solar powered smart parking sensor module to be used in the parking lots to centrally manage each parking space in a lot. This module aids for pre-reservation of parking spaces.

The module detects the presence of a vehicle in a lot, indicates the reservation status of that lot using coloured LED’s, and communicates with a central application to exchange data regarding status of reservation and occupancy of the lot.


Customer was able to build a solution with this backend IoT network of parking lot detection devices.

Advanced booking facility

Parking lots can be booked in advance using mobile app.

Easy installation

Place and connect.

Real-time monitoring

Monitoring of occupancy.

Centralized fleet management

The booking and occupancy status of each lot is monitored and managed by a central server.