nDeploy is the perfect tool for web application deployment for a small and medium enterprise (SMB) in a scalable, available way.

nDeploy provides a ready-to-code environment based on the high performing nginx webserver and helps you focus on creating cloud-scaled web applications and websites . nDeploy's intuitive GUI helps you build, secure and run websites and applications in the cloud at scale.

  • Supports CentOS6 CentOS7 CloudLinux6 CloudLinux7 on x86_64 arch
  • Multiple backends - Apache HTTPD, PHP-FPM, HHVM, ColdFusion/Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS
  • Supports caching/conditional cache purging in proxy and FastCGI(ngx_cache_purge)
  • Google PageSpeed support
  • limit_req, limit_conn support
  • NAXSI Web Application Firewall
  • IPv6 support
  • SSL support
  • HTTP/2 support
  • Fast installation, upgrade and easy uninstall available via yum
  • High Available WebStack
  • High Available SMTP service
  • High Available Database (MariaDB/MySQL)