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Harness the power of Application Services

Imagine a world where applications which are crucial to the continuity of your business are being accurately updated while you’re enjoying your vacation by the beach.

Refine applications in tandem with breakthrough technological developments

PiServe’s team of diversified specialists are ever ready to dissect every complexity that today’s information technology landscape throws its way. Our highly skilled team will be by your side through your corporation’s progression from advisory, to development, to maintenance, ensuring that the application you choose best fits your business and IT objectives. We’re equipped to guide your corporation through its unique challenges, enabling you to be a step closer to serving your clients better.

Simplify the complexities of application development & management

Developing and maintaining an application in-house can be a complex and pricey affair. PiServe houses hand-picked IT professionals with an array of expertise in business-critical applications’ development and management, who will be equipped to provide you with focused insights on improving your existing business operations economically and in a leveraged share model.

We partner with the best

We have partnered with some of the top world players to cater to our clientele’s every need. Begin your digital journey today with PiServe by leveraging the cutting edge technology of our agile world renowned partners for guaranteed acceleration of your business.

Benefits from our partnership

PiServe offers a team that has dedicated their career to facilitate new and improved ways of Application development, support, and maintenance to clients who share a passion to better their legacy with every deliverable. With top platforms in their arsenal, our workforce is enabled to give life to the unimaginable.

The immortality of innovation

Modern technology is unceasing - what is a breakthrough today is likely to be old news in less than a day; it can be dizzying to keep track. There will be several new upgrades to integrate to your application in order to be on par with the latest trend, but PiServe’s agenda is to incorporate what’s best for your business based on the segmentation of the market your organization caters to.

Uncertainty-approved scalability

In the wake of the pandemic, several businesses have suffered irrecoverable losses as a result of viable business decisions that were taken keeping the pre-Covid era in mind. Many organizations are now only focused on availing scalable solutions, and Application Managed Services (AMS) fits right in. You can effortlessly amend software and licensing requirements based on your organization’s current business health.

Uncompromised Quality

For the success of application development and its subsequent support and maintenance, it is crucial for quality to be the focal point of a service provider. From appointing a skilled taskforce, to execution of the agreed upon battle plan, to gauging its performance, PiServe’s unmatched standard and unwavered implementation of quality is what has and will continue to make our clients’ applications stand out.

Application services

Ensuring 60% lesser incidents with a customized EHS application

Our Capabilities

Full-Lifecycle Development

Watch your business accelerate and provide uninterrupted returns with PiServe’s application development services. From conceptualisation to coding to launch, our dedicated professions will utilize their expertise to manifest the application your organization desires. Whether you would like a tailor-made customized app, or an interactive web-based app, or an accessible mobile app, we are ready to tackle any application development challenge you face.

Agile Devops

DevOps is an amalgamation of flexible software creation and delivery practices that aims to bridge the gap between application development and IT operations. PiServe’s development and operations team focuses on eliminating roadblocks and prioritizes improving the creation, deployment, and continuous monitoring of the application.

We provide end-to-end services that help you transform your idea into a successful application, across all ecosystems, ranging from mobile phones, connected devices, wearables, smart TVs, and in-car infotainment systems.

Legacy Application Modernization

Maintenance Services is key to a developed application’s smooth operation, and PiServe has a pre-devised tried, tested, and trusted maintenance mechanism that has customizations based on our client’s industry, business size, and market segmentations

User Experience Design

We pride ourselves in our immersive user experience design; our team has mapped out an engaging way for customers to interact with their application. Piserve’s UX design is futuristic while having an easy interface - ultimately matching up to the image your corporation desires to portray.


Strategic Alliances

We seamlessly bring together world-class organizations to enable flexibility and expedite results in our service offerings to provide comprehensive solutions to clients

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