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It's not too late to automate

Imagine a world where a presentation that takes you weeks (and weekends) to prepare is generated within a few minutes at the click of a button.

Reclaim valued time by automating the mundane

Corporations that have made it to the top of Fortune’s ‘Best Companies to work for’ are renowned for having the ability to adapt to change and supporting the welfare of their employees. These corporations also happen to be the very best in their industry, claiming a sizable market share, as well as having monetary growth. The success of these corporations is attributed to prioritizing employee satisfaction by automating repetitive tasks, thereby facilitating employees to work on challenging and complex tasks, and making them feel valued.

The quest for value-driven excellence

Management is continuously looking to make processes within all functions of the business lean by reducing redundant workflows, and enabling resources to repurpose their efforts towards fulfilling tasks. Piserve’s team employs the right tools, services and skills to create a curated automated environment. Our intelligent automation solutions deliver robotics that boost a corporation’s financial and non-financial profitability and growth.

Streamlining processes: An up and coming business imperative

Companies today are looking for feasible options to streamline business processes across geographies and departments within their organization. At a lower cost than manual intervention, human perception can be replicated on tasks with increased efficiencies, higher quality of output, and speed by implementing AI. With on-going growth in data, scale of business, and available technologies, businesses are turning to AI, and PiServe is equipped to guide you through your transformation.

Benefits from our partnership

PiServe is geared to drive your business outcomes with the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, RPA, chatbots, cognitive and machine learning. In an attempt to narrow the processes within your organization’s functions that are ready to be automated, our intelligent process automation services will analyze complex applications and design automated workflow-driven platforms.

It’s a win-win situation

PiServe’s ability to quickly and affordably deliver services is bound to improve our customer’s service to their clientele, reduce human error, improve employee morale, and ultimately, positively impact the image of their organization. By implementing key automation technologies, you could change the course of your business’ direction of growth.

Make the impossible, possible

Automation can sound challenging, but not only is it seamless with the right service provider, its benefits are endless. Tasks that were initially considered impossible due to volume, time constraints, and other complex specifications, can now be automated based on your organization’s requirements, and delivered before time, enabling re-assessing capacity and financial viability.

Eliminate Manual Intervention

Manual intervention is subject to individual perspective and bias, which would translate in inconsistent solutions for the same process across different branches of the organization. By automating processes, crucial connected factors such as unstable manual internal controls are being regularized, providing reliable data that can be utilized to identify ways to further reduce manual intervention, optimize profitability, etc.


3-minutes infrastructure provisioning at Vodafone Global using automation

Our Capabilities

Robotics Process Automation

If you are looking to reduce manual intervention by automating mundane tasks, look no further - Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is technology that initiates the deployment of ‘bots’ within your organization’s existing software to perform high volume and repetitive but vital non-cognitive tasks. With the deployment of RPAs, you are bound to receive endless positive externalities including reduced risks, enhanced business continuity and cost effectiveness.

Intelligent Automation

Capitalize on the best of both worlds by opting for Intelligent Automation, which combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI). Intelligent Automation’s advantage is its ability to smoothly process unstructured as well as structured data, allocating organizations with unconventional yet potent ideas that can be acted upon, enabling organizations to make well-thought-out decisions facilitating its expansion.

Business Process Automation

It is not uncommon to have departments collaborate with one another on deliverables - HR and Finance on payroll, IT and Admin on on-boarding new employees, etc. While coordination has been the age-old solution to collaboration, it has proved to have more cons than pros, and not being at the pace of today’s corporate world has been added to the list. With Business Process Automation, give your organization a competitive edge by setting departments within your organization to have access to real-time data, effectively increasing efficiency and improving communication. PiServe’s intelligent automation and soft computing solutions enable legacy systems, processes, departments, and geographies to interact seamlessly on any platform.


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