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As light as a cloud.

Imagine a world where you aren’t buried under an avalanche of boxes in a storage unit to access your business’ vital archives.

Telecommuting is taking center stage as the lifestyle our generation desires.

From the conventional nine-to-five workday to conveniently working from home, the global pandemic has made the impossible possible. Over the last year, organizations are seen accelerating their move to Cloud to provide accessibility to an on-demand platform, where their offerings are available round the clock, simultaneously making the most of its cost-efficiency, agility, instilling a solution mindset within business operations, and striking a work-life balance. The need for businesses to transform themselves is now, and Cloud is the solution.

Cloud has proven to be pandemic-proof.

You can now substantially reduce operational expenses by securely storing, maintaining, and capitalizing on your organization’s indispensable data by opting to utilize Cloud Computing and Cloud Managed Services. Cloud is easily accessible across the globe, adaptable to technological upgrades, and supports undisrupted continuity of key operational tasks - all of which are fundamental requirements for the success of any organization.

Reap the endless benefits of converting to Cloud.

Organizations are not only having to adapt, but are also reaping the benefits of the cost-effectiveness of this much-needed conversion to Cloud. Not only do you have a highly skilled task force working on data security, recovery, and hardware & software maintenance for a fraction of the cost of private recruitment and in-house employment, you also save a sizable amount on in-house server storage.

Benefits from our partnership

Piserve’s industry-specific expertise would benefit you to help identify and incorporate the right Cloud Computing Model (Deployment Model - Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud; Service Model -IaaS, PaaS, SaaS ) for your organization. Our seasoned team will meticulously support the migration and management of your organization’s data, enabling you to see beyond mere archived files and into tangible solutions.

In stride with modernization

By digitizing your processes, you are equipping yourself to innovate at par with the every-changing need of the hour, thus managing your customers’ every expectation with confidence.

Save while you invest

The cost benefits of migrating to Cloud are endless - from reduced IT and operational expenses, to business continuity as a result of scalability, to reducing infrastructure and related costs, as well as hardware and software maintenance. The pay-as-you-go cost model that cloud service providers offer is a steal for the continual benefits you reap!

A step ahead of technology

Cloud service providers are constantly looking for ways to find technological solutions that can favorably benefit the business requirements of their users. You are now able to uncover trends in historical data that can be utilized to better processes, and potentially also find other profitable revenue streams.


Business transformation with Cloud Consulting, Migration, and Application Modernization excellence

Our Capabilities

Cloud Infrastructure Design

PiServe's approach on designing our clients’ Cloud Infrastructure is by understanding the business and its requirements. We closely support capacity planning, and aid in technical designing, which is then used to build a flexible cloud environment.

We possess a hosted data center and public or private cloud offerings that hosts virtual data centers, multi-tenant enterprise services, and virtual data desktops.

Cloud Migration

Companies are now migrating their infrastructure and applications to public cloud platforms like - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Help us to help you effortlessly sail through cloud migration.

Expedite your organizations’ migration to Cloud by verifying your applications and their original server infrastructures.

At PiServe, we help you identify the issues and roadblocks, offer tailored cloud improvements, and perform acceptance testing of your migrated applications to successfully complete the cloud migration process.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment strategies and services offered by PiServe enhances business agility and efficiency. With an organized hybrid cloud infrastructure, we are prepared for application workloads to track expenses and manage compliance issues across all workloads.

PiServe delivers IT cloud infrastructure based on the enterprise’s choice of heterogeneous Deployment Models (Private, public and hybrid models) or Service Models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and BPaaS), which is based on our clients’ business needs.

Our Cloud Deployment techniques provide agility by deploying automated patterns and workflows that help to gain control, offer streamlined management, and a customizable portal and dashboard.

Cloud Support & Management

We help you to define, deploy, and leverage simplified cloud management systems across various platforms and providers.

Cloud support and management services by PiServe will help businesses achieve enhanced operational agility, IT governance, and strong integration of components across multiple applications and platforms through the cloud infrastructure.

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SysAlly helps businesses harness technology, build capabilities and scale confidently.

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