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The Internet of all things.

Imagine a world where you could watch your business grow on auto-pilot.

Drive efficiencies by evaluating integrated data through securely connected devices.

What if you could know for certain whether you're making a financially sound business decision? With ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’, you can! The concept of IoT is to amalgamate data derived from connected devices. Opportunity lies in conceptualizing solutions from patterns and irregularities identified while combing through this data, which would be obtained from the analytics and artificial intelligence curated for your business by your service provider.

Give your organization the opportunity to accelerate its projected growth.

With PiServe’s combination of deep industry-specific expertise and a seasoned team, we have the potential to create curated analytics and AI required to drive your organization to its success. We explore the art of the possible with our clients by brainstorming complex projects that have the potential to offer ROIs and tangible benefits. Utilizing engineers, cloud-based platforms, and sensor kits, we work with our client to develop tailor-made solutions.

Enjoy the multifaceted advantages of adapting IoT to your business.

Contrary to popular belief, investment in technological advancements, specifically IoT, are not only cost effective, they also facilitate further reduction of operational costs post implementation. With connected devices taking charge of a substantial amount of monotonous responsibilities, we are now gifted with additional time on our hands, enabling employees and management alike to strike a better work-life balance.

Benefits from our partnership

PiServe has an creatively driven IoT Research & Development team across the globe who are exploring organizational implications of IoT in areas like security and privacy, technology, strategy, architecture, analytics, and implementation. We approach every IoT project with an efficacy-driven mindset.

Technology’s involvement in Environmental Sustainability

Given the current environmental crisis and its impact on the planet, corporations as well as governments are taking the lead on incorporating technologically driven sustainable facilities such as energy efficient workspaces, smart recycling, transportation sharing services, etc. PiServe is committed to this need of the hour, and is ready to paint the town green for corporations of all sizes and industries.

Diverse Industry Adaptability

IoT’s flexibility is unmatched in imparting its presence in every available industry, as a result of which several corporations, particularly conglomerates, are successful in optimizing their operations and accelerating their expansion. From agriculture to airlines to mining, you name it and IoT has marked its presence with its revolutionary products and concepts. Embracing IoT is so inevitable, that even governments are working towards building smart cities across the globe.

Upgrading the quality of life

By automating mundane but vital responsibilities, not only would you be enhancing the level of your comfort, but you will be left with tasks that are enriching and impactful; hitting two birds with one stone. The in-depth data derived as a result of automation will be diligently analyzed, and curated upgrades would be made in line with the organization's agenda for growth.

Food & Beverage Services

Saving $2 million in electricity bills using the IoT advantage

Our Capabilities

IoT Product Development

PiServe facilitates your design vision to be transformed into a tangible product by focusing on the key factors that are vital to its development - design, engineering, prototype, and manufacturing.

Adapting to the surge and diversity of smart devices in this day and age, our aim is to optimize their connectivity, in turn maximizing its usability and relevance in an ever-upgrading industry. The success of your IoT product and its inclusion into your business is determined by the competence of your service provider and their product manufacturing partners. Connect with us to understand how you can transform your idea into a reliable IoT product in collaboration with our reputable manufacturing partners.

Connected Application Development

An aptly designed UI/UX is crucial in the development of a connected application, which is then coupled with the smart device/product.

PiServe’s objective is to offer a sophisticated product that is interlinked with exceptional connected applications, enabling it to serve our customers’ every need.


Strategic Alliances

We seamlessly bring together world-class organizations to enable flexibility and expedite results in our service offerings to provide comprehensive solutions to clients

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