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Delegate your limitations to those who have it mastered

Imagine a world where you have your very own genie - solving your every IT issue, and granting your every IT wish.

Re-align your focus

Focus on the growth of your core business by outsourcing your organization’s IT managed services to PiServe’s dedicated professionals who are equipped to tackle any and every IT incident. Our team can support your businesses in optimizing the usage of its IT infrastructure and applications. This ingenious plan is a constructive solution for facilitating the improvement of operations, management of finances, and alignment of technological requirements in line with the growth plans of your business.

Uninterrupted Business Continuity

PiServe’s expert team utilizes advanced monitoring tools that ensures ceaseless business uptime. We take a proactive approach to maintenance by remotely monitoring our client’s systems to identify, diagnose, and solve potential problems before they’re flagged, facilitating uninterrupted business continuity.

Round-the-clock supp ort

PiServe’s hand-picked team has competent professionals with relevant experience across varied industries who are stationed across the globe. We are well prepared to support multiple time zones and offer round-the-clock support towards any IT trouble your organization may face

Benefits from our partnership

PiServe’s infrastructure management services are mission-critical, enabling leading companies worldwide to optimize, secure, manage and support their IT infrastructure. Maximizing its multi-shore delivery capabilities, PiServe combines expert consulting, integration, support, and managed services to help IT organizations reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and manage risk in the data center.

Efficiency’s mission to reduce cost

Once you pass the baton of managing your corporation’s IT Services to a provider, you will notice that a major list of expenses start to disappear. Moving to Managed IT Services eliminates employee, recruitment and training expenses. You will have accessibility to a wide resource base as a result of multi-shore resources and delivery capabilities, all of which are at a pre-set cost, mitigating any unexpected service costs.

Access exclusive infrastructure tools without ownership

Based on your business needs, PiServe will handpick relevant infrastructure tools to deploy and support by our expert team of seasoned professionals, while taking up its ownership costs. By outsourcing your business’ Managed IT Services, you will save up on employee, recruitment and training expenses, amongst several other costs.

Managed services

Delivering 99.99% IaaS application uptime with Managed Services

Our Capabilities

Technical Support Services

We help enterprises migrate seamlessly to new platforms, as well as deploy and integrate leading industry enterprise management tools, including Open Source applications, for complete IT infrastructure monitoring and management. PiServe’s Integration solutions also include an end-to-end virtualization and consolidation of servers, databases, and networks.

Enterprise Systems Management

Through our command center, we support mission-critical IT infrastructure including Server, Database, Network, Storage, Messaging and Directory. Our round-the-clock IT Service Desk provides support for incidents and service requests through six delivery centers located in the USA, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and India. Our flexible solutions enable organizations to implement an automated service desk, or automate their existing one.


Strategic Alliances

We seamlessly bring together world-class organizations to enable flexibility and expedite results in our service offerings to provide comprehensive solutions to clients

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