Case Studies
Cloud Adoption
December 29, 2016

A multi million dollar payroll processing company intends to appoint a strategic delivery partner for providing migration assistance from on-premise to AWS and round the Cloud Application services support for applications.


Application Support
December 23, 2016

How PiServe’s Global Deliver model helps a customer on delivering automated processes for operational metrics reporting to eliminate manual effort spend after such cumbersome processes that allowed customer personnel to focus attention on core production support activities and customer impacting production issues.


Production Support
December 23, 2016

Providing solution as a strategic delivery partner for supporting and maintaining operations of a major payroll management company for their various Business Support Systems (BSS)


PiServe supported an Enterprise Customer to start the web hosting business
December 23, 2016

A leading telecom provider in Middle East wants a partner to design architecture and thereby implement a cost effective web application solution & services solution mainly using open source tools.


Software & Systems Project Business Establishments
Dusseldorf, Germany CA, USA Riyad, Saudi Arabia
BO & BOT Clients - Business Establishments
Vodafone, Germany STC, Saudi Arabia Decathlon, India CISCO, USA